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WORKSHOP! Learn how to use your DSLR and Take Better Pictures of your KIDS!

January 30th, 2012

You received your DSLR for Christmas or you’ve always had one but never really learned how to use it to it’s full potential.

Do you want to finally learn how to get off auto-modes and into manual?

Want to learn all about shutter speed, f-stops, finding the light and all of the technical stuff but to be creative as well?

Do you want to finally get a decent picture of your kids where it’s not blurry, overexposed or just plain unartistic.

Come and learn from me in a fun, simple and easy way.

If you are beginner with a digital SLR camera and you want to take high quality digital images for yourself, then this is the photography workshop for you.

Four weeks of instruction and hands-on photographing with an additional intro to editing with Lightroom and Photoshop. Location is still being secured but will be in the surrounding area of Essex.

From 6:30 – 9:00 every Tuesday night from Feb. 14 – March 6

Only 8 spots are available to provide an optimal learning experience – secure yours now.

Email me at for pricing and to sign up.

Day 18 – Table for five please

January 27th, 2012

I had the pleasure of photographing two of my friends and their cute babies yesterday!  It was a great day and they kids were just amazing!  I can’t believe how much they’ve grown up and I will babysit anytime.  Hope you enjoyed your french fries at the R-astronaut after.

Day 17 – Lacing Up

January 27th, 2012

On Thanksgiving weekend in 2008 I traveled to Chicago to cheer on a friend in the Chicago Marathon.  It was my first experience to witness the sheer determination of over 40,000 athletes.  I had no idea what mile markers meant and I wasn’t expecting to see just how awesome the event was.  It was a beautiful day and we all woke early to the sun rising through the windows of our hotel room.  We made signs and made sure to have markers where it would be easy to spot our friend as she ran through the streets so we could spot each other.  Soon after the race started we walked to the first marker which was at mile 4, hoping to spot her as she came through.  What I witnessed next I wasn’t prepared for.

As I stood in the streets, camera ready, I watched as the elite athletes ran by me – literally making my hair blow they were running so fast.  You could barely hear yourself talk throughout the crowd of people shouting and cheering everyone on.  What’s so great is most of the marathoners write their names on their bibs so you know exactly who they are when you cheer them on.  Then shortly after, I saw all the wheelchair participants.  Even with the noise of encouragement from everyone, the air seemed silent.  You could hear yourself think.  You could hear yourself gasp as you witnessed such sheer determination from the paratheletes – not because they were struggling, but because they were doing.  And here I was on the sidelines, thinking as I watched all the runners that I could never do that, that I wasn’t good enough, fast enough, strong enough.  But when I saw these athletes, my thinking changed.  I wanted to be with them running – having everyone cheer me on.  I wondered how many times in their lives they have heard someone tell them “you can’t do that”.  What was my excuse ?  I had no one telling me I couldn’t do something except for myself.  When one athlete went by me I started to cry.  He was on an incline and in a wheelchair.  Only one of his feet moved and he had no arms.  I wanted to just run out and help him to push him up the hill.  But instead I cheered for him and told myself that one day I would do this.  It changed me.  The crazy thing is I only learned just over a year ago that this athlete is from Windsor and is a motivational speaker.  I’ve never heard him speak at an engagement before but I was more than motivated just by watching him complete and finish this race.

I started running last year.  I was slow to start but I didn’t care because for the first time in my life “I was doing”.  My first official race was a 5K in memory of a friend named Sarah, who had recently passed away at the age of 8 from brain cancer.  There were a bunch of us and we all wore t-shirts with butterflies on them in memory of her.  I ran by myself and nothing felt more empowering then when that gun went off and the race started.  It was a cold, rainy and windy day but I was determined to finish.  Throughout the race everything in my mind was telling me to stop.  Running is about 1% physical and 99% mental.  Then just as I would talk myself into stopping a runner without hair would pass me and I realized again that no one was telling me I couldn’t do it except myself.  I finished the race in 34 minutes.

I continued running all spring, summer and fall.  I did many races and would train 3-4 times a week.  Some small runs and some longer ones.  I was finally at the point where I could run for 11km’s without having to walk.  As the weeks went on my times got faster too.  I even participated in a mud run called the Warrior Dash with my brother in July.  It was a 5K run filled with 13 obstacles along the way – we climbed beat up cars, dredged through the muddy water over logs, propelled down ropes and under barbed wire.  It was also one of the hottest days in the summer and I can’t wait to do it again this year.  I will never forget the feeling of crossing the finish line with my brother beside me – hand in hand.  Even though he can run so much faster than me, he stayed by my side the whole time because it wasn’t how fast we did it…it was simply that we did it.  Along the way he told me to smile because it just makes us happier.  I still tell myself this all the time.

However back in October after finishing a 10K race and then another 5K race a week later I injured myself.  It was one of the best race’s I’ve ever run, completing it in just over 30 minutes.  I got a severe shin splint in my right leg and was unable to walk or even go up the stairs for almost a month.  I thought I wasn’t going to be able to run again, worried that I would injure it again.

So after three months off I decided to lace up my sneakers again.  I never thought there would be a day that I would say that I love to run.  It’s hard and I don’t look forward to doing it and I don’t enjoy doing it while I’m running.  But I do love the feeling I have after I finish.   I don’t run so that I say “I run”.  I run because I used to tell myself that I couldn’t.  Nothing has ever felt better than to cross a finish line and get that medal over your head.  It’s an accomplishment for me.

I hear from friends or family all the time that they could never run.  My question always is “Why can’t you?”.  I realized from training last year that I was too focused on my time and less focused on the “doing it”.  What does it really matter how long it takes to run?  I can guarantee you that if you start and someone sees you they are not going to say “Wow, I can’t believe they’re running…look at how slow they are?”  Instead they are saying to themselves “Wow…I wish I could do that.”

It’s free, it’s convenient and anyone can do it.

It felt great to run the other day regardless of how much longer it took me, I’m just happy I did it and I didn’t let my fear get in the way.

There are a few songs I have on my playlist that I have promised myself regardless of how tired I am, if they come on I can’t stop.  Some of them are fast songs like “My name is Stacy” from the Ting Tings.  Another one is “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky because it makes me feel like an athlete.  One of the songs is in memory of Sarah.  Ironically it came on the last 1km of my run.  It’s called “Butterfly Fly Away” and I kept my promise and kept running.

I’m looking forward to completing my first half marathon this year.

Smile – it just makes us happier.



Day 16 – Claire Bear

January 26th, 2012

It was so great to see a past bride and groom of mine on Tuesday and their sweet daughter Claire.

It’s so funny because her Dad does not like getting his picture taken.  In fact he was one of my grooms who always told me over and over again that he has the worst fake smile – I once told him I was going to name my book “Memoirs of a Wedding Photographer” after him and it was going to be called “But I thought I was Smiling”.   However seeing him with his daughter for the first time, he couldn’t take the smile off of his face and it was the most genuine thing.  Both of their eyes lit up whenever they looked at her and the smile was instant.  It was a joy to hear about their new lives as parents and to share the memories they’ve already experienced with her.

I loved catching up with you guys and I’m so happy for the family you have started – she’s gorgeous and she has the best funky hair!

Day 15 – Sweet Lilly

January 26th, 2012

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Lilly on Monday.  She was just a sweetheart and her parents are just absolutely in love with her.  It always a treat to see the Dad’s so involved and he barely left her side, holding her hands while we settled her with Mom not far behind ready and eager to rock her if it was needed.

I’m asking if everyone can say a little prayer for Lilly and her parents tonight as they deal with some hard news they received after her birth.  I will continue to think and pray for her and ask for the strength you need right now as you start your journey to getting all your questions answered.

She is very lucky to have you both for parents and she’s a beautiful little girl.  Thank you for sharing her with me.

Day 14 – He shoots he scores!

January 25th, 2012

When we built our house we purposely made all of our hallways 6 ft wide.  We did this so that I could decorate with furniture and lots of pictures but also so that when we had kids they could play in them.  That’s exactly what has happened.  They have bowled, rid their bikes, made mock Monster Jam’s and most of all….they have played hockey.  My boys love hockey.  You would think that after practicing and playing all week both on the ice and in the garage that they would get tired of it at some point.  However that’s not the case and we have had several mini-stick tournaments in the house.  Even though it typically ends with one of the boys getting holes in their knees, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This weekend it was a rare treat to have just Jayce home alone since the other two kids were having sleepovers at family and friends homes.  The first thing on Jayce’s mind was having his Dad all to himself for a hockey challenge.

Jayce is a goalie just like his Dad – it’s the one thing they have in common and that he doesn’t have to share with his brother.  You’ll notice that my husband is wearing the mini-stick gear, even though it’s small – safety first…especially the helmet.  He unfortunately learned this lesson the hard.  Last year when they were practicing outside on a rink in the yard,  for just a moment my husband took off his helmet to pick up the pucks and get some fresh air and that’s when it happened – Jayce’s stick connected with my husband’s teeth and knocked three of them out.  Ouch.  Lesson learned.

I love watching them play and listening to them laugh and this is the first time I’ve ever taken a picture of them playing – so happy I took the time to do it!

It was a tight game but in the end Jayce won 10-9.


Day 13 – Jayce

January 25th, 2012

When Jayce was born he didn’t cry.  It wasn’t because something was wrong though, instead he was ever so curious and was looking around.  He was beautiful and we were all so surprised that he had red hair.

He’s still curious.  He will ask a million questions a day and will continue to ask them until he is satisfied with our answer.  Usually every question will lead to another question.  One of our most recent conversations we had involved him asking me “What my most embarrassing moment was?”….or “When was I the happiest in my life?” …or “Why do snakes shed their skin?”  These questions just come out of the blue.  He starts from the moment he wakes up to the moment his head hits the pillow.  Even after he’s gone to bed, he still calls us in to ask or tell us about something else.

He can also be very quiet and reserved.  It’s not because he’s uninterested or sad, it’s usually because he’s just thinking and analyzing everything around him.

He is also very smart and mathematical.  Since the age of two he’s been following lego designs and building things even I had trouble doing.

When it came time for him to go to school in JK it was very hard for him.  He plain just didn’t want to do it.  He was scared and nervous and it was much easier to be home with me than face the fears of something new like school.  He was the kid that screamed and cried and clung to my leg as I left the room.  It was heartbreaking and I would typically spend the better half of the morning crying after I dropped him off.  The next few years were a challenge for him too.  He wasn’t the “cookie cutter” student.  He was the student that wanted to have group discussions about photosynthesis, or brainstorming sessions about seed germination – instead of just listening to a lesson at the carpet with no discussion and raising a hand before you could give your input.  He was also the student that couldn’t wait to blurt out the answer to a math problem because he was so excited for his teacher to know that he knew the answer.  This often got him in trouble.  For nearly two years it was much easier for his teachers to have him sit at a desk by himself during lessons while everyone else sat together at the carpet.  That way he wouldn’t have the opportunity to discuss the lessons with his peers….the opportunity to learn the way he does.  It broke his spirit and school work always became a struggle because in his eyes, learning was something bad.

However everything has changed this year.  For the first time, he’s in a learning environment with a teacher that has embraced his curiosity  – I actually cried when his first progress report came home – it was full of A’s & B’s and Excellents.

I was always used to asking him do his homework and having it be a struggle.  Now, he does it without me even asking the second he gets home from school.  He’s so eager to learn and excited to go back to school the next day.  It’s so awesome to see him be happy and love school for the first time.  I never thought it would happen.


Day 12 – More of Zoe

January 25th, 2012

Couldn’t help but share more of Zoe for this blog entry.  Why is it that every time I look at pictures of my kids or nieces and nephews, they seem so much older than I think they are.  I am not looking forward to the next 10 years as all these kids grow up more – I think we’re going to have to lock the doors.

Day 11 – Miss Sophia

January 25th, 2012

The first session we booked with Sophia had a few snags and she just was way too curious with what was going on and didn’t want to sleep.  So we just rescheduled for the following week and things worked out perfect!  She is so sweet and just a doll!

Day 10 – Miss V

January 24th, 2012

It’s always fun when I meet the siblings of my newborns and when I have the opportunity, I like to take their pictures too!  Miss Victoria was so cute and while her sister was getting her bottle we had a little fun ourselves.  We took pictures, then coloured, then took more pictures, had snacks and then eventually we were watching Beauty and the Beast.  She was just a delight and was so outgoing…by the time she left she wanted me to go with her and she was full of hugs and kisses.

Here’s a shot of her while she played peek-a-boo with me.  She’s sporting another one of my DIY headbands that I made with my daughter.  Her sister Sophia was very alert the whole session and didn’t really feel like having her photo taken.  So after a couple hours of trying we called her quits and we rescheduled for a few days later – sometimes it just doesn’t work out but I never put pressure on my subjects and there’s always time to do it another day.